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Free message encryption service! Keep your messages and conversations 100% privat.

Private key is optional for a new message. When using a key, the message can only be read using the same key.

Encryption: This service uses OpenSSL with randomly selected encryption method. If a message is Scrambled without entering a private key; a default private key is used.
Encryption methods: aes-128 ctr/ofb/cfb and aes-192 ctr/ofb/cfb.

Decryption: A hidden message can only be read using the same private key it was created with.

Security tip: Private key can be a sentence. Bookmark this page and close it when not in use. Use a private window or use a TOR-browser.

Storing of data: The default private key is stored as a part of this service. Texts, Blurbs and private keys other than default are not stored.

Cookies? Cookies, view counters or other ways of tracking are CURRENTLY NOT used on this page.

Clear private key: Close tab or Exit app.

Future: Everything is subject to change.

PWA/Webapp: Send/Add to homescreen on your device for easy access.

Last app update: 2024.04.17 @ 21:33 PK no longer stored in session. It now uses POST.

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